Uno sviluppatore leader mondiale di software VMS e PSIM intelligenti
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Address : Avda. Roma 97 Barcelona 08029 (España)
Phone : +34 902 92 93 84, +34 93 439 92 44
Fax : +34 934 197 673
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With over 35 years of experience, RISTER is a leading security systems company in Spain.

Rister has been a leading security systems company for over 35 years in Spain.

Global and innovative distributor with high quality security products, covering all the needs in any installation where CCTV security systems are required to ensure maximum protection.

With an extensive product line to suit any need and provide the latest technology quality to installers, engineering companies and distributors.

We offer products and solutions that cover all areas:

  • Industrial areas, factories, warehouses, logistics centers.
  • Shopping centers, offices, trade fairs, business parks.
  • Official organizations, embassies, hospitals, prisons, airports, railway stations, nuclear power plants.
  • Universities, museums, schools, libraries, conference centers.

What differentiates us in the sector is our personalized service, since we have a team of professionals capable of advising the client in all phases of a project.