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AxxonSoft software performs automatic number-plate recognition from the camera video feeds. The recognized plate numbers are stored in the database. This technology enables you to quickly find a vehicle in question in the video footage of multiple cameras, which makes video investigations much faster and less labor-intensive.

How ANPR/LPR Is Used

  • Select the cameras and set the time interval in the video footage.
  • Type in a full or partial license plate number. The wildcard search is also supported: a question mark (?) is used to represent a single random character, and an asterisk (*) is used to specify any number of characters.
  • Results quickly show you all videos with the vehicle you are looking for.


  • Find out when a vehicle entered or exited a secured area.
  • Track down wanted vehicles, e.g., as part of a Safe City program. Detect the typical routes of a vehicle, and find out where it was last seen and which direction it was going.

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