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Smart Search by Criteria

MomentQuest is a smart, multiple-criteria search in recorded video based on metadata — a lean description of moving objects within the scene, which is calculated at the moment of video recording and then stored in the dedicated database. To calculate the metadata, MomentQuest applies the Object Tracker video analytics that can run either on the server side or on the smart camera. To obtain metadata related to specific objects only, e.g., humans or vehicles, and then search only for these types of objects, AI object detection can be used.

How Smart Search Is Used

To start the search, set the time interval in the video footage and specify one of the main criteria:

  • Motion in a specific area.
  • Line crossing (in either direction).
  • Movement from one area to another.
  • Loitering in an area (specify the minimum duration of stay in the area).
  • Simultaneous presence of several objects within an area (specify the number of objects to be exceeded).

Then set additional criteria:

  • Minimum and maximum object size.
  • Main color of an object (select a range of colors).
  • Type of object: person, vehicle, group of people, abandoned item.
  • Additionally, for line crossing and movement between areas: minimum and maximum object speed.
  • Additionally, for motion within an area: entry or exit, direction of motion, number of objects, minimum and maximum object speed.

Your searches can be general, like finding any motion in a specific area of the frame. Or, they can be very specific, like finding all the red cars that crossed a certain line moving in the selected direction.

Within seconds, you will get results with all the videos that match your criteria.


Quickly find recordings when you have specific information, for instance:

  • A yellow car came to the parking lot.
  • A blue bag was stolen from the table.
  • Two suspects are headed in a known direction, and one of them is wearing a green jacket.
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