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ADP Centre specializes in supporting physical security. That’s why it's the Company requre best software to secure clients assets, infrastructure, and effectively operate against illegal activities. 


The company ADP Centre was founded in August 2014. It belongs to the ADP group of companies, along with two other companies — ADP Protection Services and ADP Tech.

ADP Centre specializes in supporting physical security through its hardware and software security monitoring services.

The leading experts with the company have years of experience in the sales of physical security and provision of security services. The company's entrepreneurs understand the importance of security to society after having served in the military and police force for more than 40 years.


The first challenge that ADP Centre encountered was using their state-of-the-art security system to monitor remote facilities for both their own deployment sites and customers’ sites.

An important criterion was the presence of video analytics tools so that the operators need not have to watch video streams round the clock.

The company also asked for dual-way audio communication between employees at different sites.

Besides these points, ADP Centre emphasized the necessity of map functions, as the company's facilities in Singapore are located throughout the island, along with the ability to control remote relay input and output modules.


The AxxonSoft video management software was chosen as a solution to satisfy all of the client's needs. 

The video management system not only coped well with all these tasks, but also allowed the client to connect all their existing cameras from different manufacturers – thanks to inbuilt support for the ONVIF standard. 

AxxonSoft empowers security monitoring at ADP Security command center

An AxxonSoft VMS server with 32 video channels was installed in the Operation Command and Control Centre. Five remote client computers were also connected. In total, the AxxonSoft VMS-based security system serves 20 ADP Centre facilities, to surveil and monitor video cameras installed across the island.

AxxonSoft empowers security monitoring at ADP Security command center

After installation, the VMS system proved itself extremely well and enabled successful investigation of several incidents with the help of remote audio communication and video analytics, namely the “line crossing” function in MomentQuest. Company operators also actively use other AxxonSoft video analytics functions. 

Representatives from ADP Centre also noted the excellent functionality of the mobile application working in conjunction with a central server. Through the application, a mobile company team and senior management can access video streams of any company facility directly on their smartphones and tablets. 

The successful design and implementation of AxxonSoft Solution ADP Security command center

ADP Centre is extremely pleased with the results from the AxxonSoft security system and expresses its gratitude to the AxxonSoft team in Singapore, which was actively involved in the successful design and implementation of this project and has been responsive to all the client’s requests. 

“Interestingly, AxxonSoft VMS Platform has been able to fulfil the requirements of the complex security operations on ground and to meet the expectations of diverse clients. Keep up your good work and may AxxonSoft achieve another historical height!” 

- Jeff Liu, Senior Manager, Systems & IT

Altre Informazioni Importanti

"Axxon PSIM made the case for increased ROI easy. When we implemented it in a retail setting, we were able to show the client that security personnel numbers could be reduced. This led directly to cost reductions and a higher return on investment."

Antonio Klodzinski, Commercial Director, MultiSystems (AxxonSoft Partner - Brazil)

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