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Axxon PSIM face recognition provided security for the Tunisian presidential elections

Presidential elections were held in the Republic of Tunisia in November of 2014. Axxon PSIM face recognition was one of the most important security components for polling stations.


In June 2014, the electoral commission of the Republic of Tunisia announced a tender for creating a security system for polling stations during the presidential elections. The elections followed the Arab Spring, which involved military action and revolutionary events in the Middle East, including Tunisia. Due to the country's instability and the threat of terrorist infiltration at the polling stations, security was a major priority during the elections.


To prevent a terrorist threat, AxxonSoft's partner Synergie developed a unique solution for Tunisia based on the Axxon PSIM facial recognition system. This solution is designed for use in public security systems and at sites with elevated access control requirements. The system analyzes faces in images from video surveillance cameras and compares them with faces in a database (for example, a database of wanted persons). Depending on the degree of similarity, it follows a specified script to warn the operator, alert emergency services, and so on. This proposal was submitted to the tender and accepted by the electoral commission of the Republic of Tunisia.


The Tunisian presidential elections were held on November 23, 2014. Synergie deployed the security system at 150 polling stations throughout the country. The system included 269 cameras transmitting live images that were analyzed by Axxon PSIM face recognition in real time. A database was set up that contained about 1000 persons wanted on suspicion of involvement in terrorist organizations. As a result, the electoral commission's primary goal was accomplished, and the presidential elections were held without any security violations.

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"Il Sistema è così intuitivo che permette di operare con facilità anche a chi ha poca familiarità con i computer. Questo è uno dei vantaggi chiave perché ci permette di equipaggiare anche le filiali regionali con lo stesso sistema"

Oleg Pronko, Chief Specialist della sezione tecnica di sicurezza del dipartimento di sicurezza Raiffeisen

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