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Axxon Smart PRO at the Austrian bookmaking and gambling establishment Wettpunkt Casino

Where one can bet, one can also bluff - but not when it comes to security. Gaps in this system are unacceptable; that is what they believe at the well-known Austrian bookmaking and gambling establishment Wettpunkt Casino.

Prevention. Detection. Suppression.

Where one can bet, one can also bluff - but not when it comes to security. Gaps in this system are unacceptable; that is what they believe at the well-known Austrian bookmaking and gambling establishment Wettpunkt Casino. Since 2004, the establishment has been collaborating with engineer Gregor Geischleger from the IGG Handel & Service Company on continuously perfecting the security system. And the lead role in this process is played by the Axxon Smart PRO video surveillance system.

Security at a bookmaking and gambling establishment

In addition to being able to reduce occurrences of fraud and vandalism, the Austrian enterprise also had the need to protect its personnel. Robberies and break-ins most often occurred at small branches with a low customer flow. Investigation of such crimes at establishments not equipped with video surveillance systems was practically hopeless. That is why the client strove to minimize risks associated with malicious offences (vandalism, robbery, etc.) using technical security systems. Prevention, detection and suppression were the main tasks the system needed to handle. That means that the installation of an all-encompassing video surveillance system should deter the majority of potential offenders and allow uninterrupted real-time monitoring, as well as the further processing and use of data (for instance, in collaboration with law enforcement and judicial agencies).

A centralized surveillance system

When the demands were analyzed, it was determined that a centrally-controlled video surveillance system would be the best choice for preventing vandalism, fraud and other crimes. Further, such a system would be very useful for the monitoring and subsequent investigation of offences. And the possibility of remote surveillance would allow security personnel to immediately get access to the branch’s video server in the case of an emergency, which would make it possible to react to security threats instantly. In addition, expenses for maintaining security and tech support services can be minimized if they only need to go out on site when it is truly necessary.

Strengthening security measures without detriment to clients and personnel

When installing the system, the primary aim was for it to provide personnel and administrators a sense of security without creating any inconvenience for the clients or personnel. Thus, it was necessary to install a video surveillance system which would not be too noticeable, but would be all-encompassing and effective from a security standpoint and which would make it possible to promptly recognize and deter potential offences. It was also necessary to make sure the equipment would work in unfavourable lighting conditions.

The updated version

A decision in favour of the Axxon Smart PRO system was made after VideoPro, the previous version of the software used now, was already in use at some branches. Even then, according to Gregor Geischleger, the system was notable for its combination of maximal ease of control and high image quality. This convinced the client to use the later versions of AxxonSoft products as well. Another argument in favour of the product was its flexibility, which is the result of a multitude of settings, which, however, do not complicate work with the system.

An update to the version of Axxon Smart PRO now used was made because of its improved image quality, improved interface, and the broader functionality of the new product. The deciding argument in favour of this system was the capability to connect to several video servers from one workstation simultaneously, a feature which VideoPro did not have, and thanks to which Axxon Smart PRO provides high productivity without loss of image quality. Another important reason was the availability of technical support directly from Austria, which many other firms offering system solutions do not have or have not sufficiently developed. Another convincing argument was the system’s price. “In the end the client was convinced of the many merits of AxxonSoft’s software product: fast access to data, ease of use, simple management of passwords and user rights, and also the possibility of expanding the system,” says Gregor Geischleger.

At present there are 60 servers working on the basis of Axxon Smart Pro on 16 and 32 channels at various branches of Wettpunkt Casino. There are about 700 cameras connected to the system. Furthermore, during installation and expansion of the system, a central control station was created which collects information from all connected branches.

Integration - simplicity of installation and use

The technicians who participated in installation say that this integrated system was fairly simple to install without looking constantly at an installation manual or reference guide. Further it became clear that operators can be trained to work with this multifunctional yet simple-to-use system quickly and without any difficulties. Users note with satisfaction that in case of alarm, they can receive access to the archive or export of high-quality data in just a few steps. In addition, remote surveillance provides high image quality and takes place with practically no lag time, while working through a remote connection to the system remains just as problem-free as on the video server. The experience of using the integrated IP cameras also received a positive evaluation. With megapixel resolution, they are very useful at gambling establishments.

Constant expansion

The project, begun in 2004, is being expanded to all branches of Wettpunkt Casino. Individual systems are also being expanded through an increase in the number of cameras connected. Through the installation of additional IP cameras, sites which are important from a security standpoint are included in the system. Furthermore, negotiations are now in progress regarding a transition to the PSIM software platform and the connection of all the local systems to an interregional video surveillance control station. Such PSIM capabilities as uninterrupted remote surveillance combined with controlling alarms from a central duty point are being tested.

AxxonSoft is seeking partners

Since May 2009 a branch of AxxonSoft has been operating in Germany. For German-speaking countries, Mr. Torsten Anstedt, director of AxxonSoft’s DACH branch, directs projects from Wiebaden.

The sales network in the DACH regions continues to expand. Therefore, AxxonSoft needs partners in various regions who have a solid knowledge both of video equipment and software. AxxonSoft is staking on direct contact with installation firms and does not sell its products through distributors, which means that AxxonSoft products, in addition to offering good support, are distinguished by a very good price to quality ratio. And AxxonSoft does not only provide training for partners, but also helps them resolve various complex technical issues.

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"We are not interested in partnering with any other security software vendor. There is nothing better than Axxon PSIM. We are all fans of the product."

Jorge del Fresno, WAF (AxxonSoft Partner - Spain)

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