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The Largest Supplier of Auto Materials in Romania, Autonet Group, Opted for the AxxonSoft VMS

AxxonSoft software has been installed at the facilities of Autonet Group, the leading provider of automotive components and spare parts in Central and Eastern Europe.


Autonet Group is a leader in the automotive industry in Central and Eastern Europe. Founded in 1996 in Satu Mare (Romania), today the company is one of the largest suppliers of auto parts in Hungary and Romania and provides its 9000 partner companies in these countries with seven million spare parts each year.

Autonet Group operates 3 distribution centers and 61 regional warehouses. A total of 1500 employees work at the company. As of 2015, the company's turnover came to about Ђ280 million.

Our partner

Security systems are a crucial part of any business, essential for its proper functioning. For this reason, Autonet decided to see to its own security. To find the best solution, the customer contacted the competence center of Alphasonic Ltd (, which provided all the necessary consultations, assistance in implementing a security system and technical support. Alphasonic Ltd is a partner of AxxonSoft in Hungary. It has existed for over 20 years and holds a leading market position in Hungary in selling computer peripherals and providing IT and networking services, as well as consulting.


Autonet Group IT Manager Attila Felso met with a consultant from Alphasonic Ltd. at one of the company's offices in Dunakeszi near Budapest and told him about the company's requirements for the future security system and his experience with AxxonSoft products:

"First and foremost, we wanted to solve the problem of monitoring our merchandise. One of our most important criteria is that the products shipped for delivery have been thoroughly checked. Therefore, monitoring and protection of our merchandise is the most important requirement. Also, unfortunately, we have had cases of theft. We would like to eliminate the occurrence of such incidents using a security system. We wanted our future security system to be installed in several stages, but still remain consistent. We therefore approached the selection of both the consultant company and the installer company very seriously. We were already familiar with Alphasonic; we had met at various security-related events, where we had the chance to get acquainted with AxxonSoft products, based on which we finally chose them. We are very satisfied with the installer company that carried out all the work on installation of the surveillance system."

- Attila Felso, IT Manager of Autonet Group

The Solution

To meet the established objectives, the AxxonSoft VMS with 33 channels of video was installed at the Autonet Group facilities. Our partner did a test run of the software and cameras beforehand so that the client could choose suitable equipment. Then the installer company's specialists fully installed and debugged the software on the central server, while Alphasonic advised the staff on how to work with the installed system.


Autonet Group representatives were very pleased with how the entire equipment installation process went and how the equipment works now. The installer company provided all parts necessary for installation and conducted several tests of the system, allowing greater flexibility in configuring it.

"The system really WOWed us! We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw that the system could combine such excellent performance, speed and a broad array of security tools! AxxonSoft software and VIVOTEK cameras were simply made to work together. We are absolutely satisfied with the outcome of installing the AxxonSoft Video management software, and in the future we are going to install it at our other facilities as well."

- Attila Felso, IT Manager of Autonet Group

"We would like to mention that Alphasonic provided very competent consultation, implementation assistance, and presale tech support for Autonet Group. We also very much appreciate Alphasonic's services as a competence center which promotes AxxonSoft products on the Hungarian market."

- Fedor Mendelev, Sales Director, AxxonSoft Eastern Europe

Altre Informazioni Importanti

"AxxonSoft is always there for us – it never leaves partners to deal with problems alone. They’re available to solve any issues that come up, very quickly. This is just one reason we chose AxxonSoft’s solutions for the majority of our installations."

Alexander Adushkin, Technical director, SAB, Magnitogorsk (AxxonSoft partner)

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