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FACE PSIM at the Principe Felipe Science Museum

At the exit from the exhibition titled "We care about your quality of life", the visitors at the Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia, located at the Principe Felipe Science Museum in Valencia receive a detailed printed report about the exhibition booths that they have visited. If they have tested any devices displayed at the exhibition, the report will also contain information about the results of device testing. This was made possible by integrating the FACE-PSIM system and the software, developed by the programmers from the Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia.

The client

The Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV) engages in scientific research, technology development, technical consultations and training of specialists in biomechanics. Biomechanical developments are widely used in medicine, sport and everyday life.

The improvements offered by biomechanics in the areas of health and quality of life have made it an important field of knowledge. The study of biomechanics presents scientific and technological solutions, including diagnostics and study into functions of human bodies, development of implants and surgical equipment, research into technologies for improvement of Life quality and personal independence, ergonomic footwear, development of asphalt pavements, sports and leisure, ergonomics in vehicle and furniture industries, and other directions.

Installation company

WAF Estructuras Digitales (WAF) specializes in implementing safety projects, based on products from AxxonSoft.

Project task

The goal of the project was to integrate the software, developed by the Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia programmers and the FACE-PSIM system. The software demonstrated the capabilities of the exhibited equipment. The exhibition ‘We care about your quality of life’ at the Principe Felipe Science Museum in Valencia includes several booths where various devices are demonstrated. At the entry, exit and every booth at the exhibition face capture and facial recognition video cameras are installed, so that the FACE-PSIM system could register all museum visitors, who saw the exhibits of the IBV and then print out a detailed report on the stalls, visited by them. This report also contains information regarding the testing of exhibited equipment that was carried out by the visitors to the exhibition.

Before this project was implemented, the FACE-PSIM system was tested at the Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia. Installation of the Face PSIM system at the Principe Felipe Science Museum in Valencia took three months, in partnership with WAF and IBV. The IBV exhibition was developed at the initiative of the Cuidado de la Calidad de Vida (CVIDA) organization which brings together companies and societies that contribute to improving the quality of life in Valencia. The exhibition was supported by the Conselleria de Industria, Comercio e Innovaci n de Valencia (Council of the Regional Ministry of Industry, Trade and Innovation).

Equipment description

In the course of project implementation, several face capture servers and one facial recognition server module were installed. Overall, the system includes ten face capture cameras and a facial recognition server with a database of 200 faces. The total number of faces in the database is set up in the IBV software. Once the DB is full, the system starts overwriting the oldest entries.

Overcoming difficulties

During installation of this project, a problem with lighting had to be resolved, to compensate for the changing natural lighting conditions throughout the day. This problem was resolved with the help of fluorescent day lighting. To ensure high-quality face detection in each zone, the lighting is of even intensity in all areas where the face capture cameras are installed.


Carlos Chiriveya, the project manager of the ‘We care about the quality of your life’ exhibition and IBV representative, expressed satisfaction with the quality of the FACE-PSIM product and the high qualifications of the WAF engineers, who carried out the installation.

The staff of the Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia and the Museum have commented on the innovative character of the project and high effectiveness of the FACE-PSIM system as a tool for biometric control over the exhibition visitors.

Jose Luis Guerra, the WAF commercial director, stressed that this is the first large FACE-PSIM system project in Spain, and that the installation of this system in a large exhibition center such as the Prince Felipe Science Museum in Valencia is the first and important step towards further spread of AxxonSoft products in Spain, since the museum is visited by up to 6,000 people per week, including government delegations and private companies.

Altre Informazioni Importanti

"AxxonSoft è una soluzione globale per tutte le esigenze di sicurezza che abbiamo oggi. Come integratore di sicurezza / IT, apprezziamo il modo in cui AxxonSoft ci fornisce una soluzione eccezionale e un supporto end-to-end per i partner, in modo che possiamo concentrarci sul riempimento delle esigenze dei nostri clienti e sulla costruzione dei nostri flussi di entrate."

Juan Carlos Müller, Presidente di Creative House (Partner Axxon - Argentina)

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