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Axxon Intellect 4.8.2 Released


Version 4.8.2 of the Axxon Intellect software package has been released. This version introduces a completely new module for searching for faces in the video archive, as well as a new web report subsystem which expands the functionality of the POS-Intellect and time and attendance modules. Support has been added for new video input card modifications, a metadata converter which converts from IP device format to the Intellect video analytics format has been implemented, the PTZ control interface has been improved, and the operation of the Forensic Search system has been optimized. New integrations of equipment were also included in this version, and system stability has been improved.

The new modules and the web report subsystem

One of the main innovations of version 4.8.2 is the new module for searching for similar faces in the video archive; this module makes it possible to accumulate a database of faces which have come into the field of view of cameras and then search this database for similar faces. The functions of the time and attendance module have also been updated; new types of reports have been added. The interface of these two modules is organized through the web report subsystem, which makes it possible to work with them from any computer connected to a network using a web browser (Internet Explorer 8 and higher), as well as aggregate data from various servers (for the similar face search module). In addition, the web report subsystem makes it possible to receive statistics on the operation of the POS-Intellect point of sale monitoring module remotely from any store in a chain. You can read more details on these modules and the web report subsystem here.

The metadata converter

Yet another key innovation of Intellect 4.8.2 is a converter which converts metadata (scene descriptions) generated by IP cameras with embedded analytics and IP video servers to Intellect’s internal video analytics format. Thanks to this converter, one can feed metadata generated by edge devices into Intellect’s video analytics – the Forensic Search system and real-time video detection tools – on the server. This makes it possible, on the one hand, to use Intellect’s powerful video analytics and, on the other hand, transfer part of the computations to the end devices and thus ease the burden on the video server. Ultimately, this enables the processing of a large number of video channels on one video server.

New functions and improvements

Axxon Intellect 4.8.2 supports the new video input card versions Stream Labs FX 116 and FX 416 and TUAN SC I/O low profile. The PTZ control interface has been reworked; it has been made more ergonomic, and the capability to control PTZ cameras using the keyboard has been added. Work with the memory and the processing speed of the Forensic Search system have been optimized. Some insignificant bugs have also been corrected, and the stability of system operation has been increased.

New integrations

Intellect 4.8.2 includes version 3.2.4 of Drivers Pack. Drivers Pack 3.2.4 supports 571 IP devices, as well as ONVIF Spec v.1.02 and PSIA spec. 1.1. A new package of drivers comes out each month; each package has a separate installer, which enables you to roll it over a previously installed Intellect system.

Version 4.8.2 also integrates new fire and security alarm equipment, access control systems and perimeter protection systems: Apollo, Rubicon, Elsys, HID, SALTO, GATE-Parking, Trombon, Parsec and UniPOS. The integration modules for TSS, NAC and GATE-4000 have been improved.

You can download the distribution files for Intellect 4.8.2 and the release notes here.