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Axxon PSIM 4.8.3 is released


AxxonSoft has released version 4.8.3 of Axxon PSIM, introducing a number of new features to its popular physical security information management (PSIM) software platform. Other improvements include greater stability, performance, and installation speed.

External data storage is now supported, allowing use of DVR and NVR video archives, as well as IP cameras with recording to flash memory and NAS. The Active Archiving module, designed to copy archives from a video server to dedicated drives, can now migrate audio synchronously recorded with video. Network attached storage can now be used for archive space. A convenient Axxon Player has been introduced for viewing video archives independently of the Axxon PSIM platform. Future versions of Axxon Player will add functionality for converting Axxon PSIM archives to common video formats.

Worthy of separate mention is integration of fisheye cameras from Sentry360 and Vivotek, as well as panomorph lenses from ImmerVision. Integration of libraries into Intellect allows obtaining panoramic imagery from cameras and implementing virtual PTZ support.

The RTSP server allows transmitting a video stream from the Intellect system in RTSP format and viewing it on a remote client through any player that supports the RTSP protocol, such as the open-source VLC application.

Thanks to support for the H.264 SVC codec, users can downsample and scale video streams without decompression. This allows optimizing the hardware and network footprint when transmitting video to clients.

Another unique feature is integrated audio analytics from Audio Analytic. Intellect now has detection tools for audio as well as video. The audio detection tools are sensitive to the sounds produced by broken glass and car alarms.

The new Failover module offers more features for managing and configuring handoff from an offline server to other system servers. Failover is particularly crucial for maintaining uptime on large distributed systems.

The mechanism for collecting information for the license key through the HID has been redesigned. A number of computer components are examined during information collection; if only some of the hardware is changed, the AxxonSoft license still remains active.

The POS PSIM retail security software module can now automatically replicate data for the web report system. The selected server performs scheduled synchronization of data with all servers on the retail security system. Then the web report system uses the server data to analyze events at checkout areas in chain stores.

Retailers can enjoy another two people counting features: store traffic counting and queue management. Thus a video surveillance system can be used to analyze workloads and optimize store operations. Reports on checkout area loads, visitor numbers, and number of entries/exits have been added to the web report system.

An important addition to Auto PSIM, a software module for automatic license plate recognition and traffic statistic analysis, is the Uragan (Hurricane) module, which recognizes license plate numbers more quickly and with greater reliability than before. The module now allows configuring active templates for the country in which license plate recognition takes place. With the new, intuitive interface, users can easily select the names and number of countries for which license plate recognition will be performed.

The VIT license plate recognition module has been added; the Carman module for license plate recognition has been updated. A new video detection tool for traffic light changes has been included. The system can now determine the status of a traffic light, even without a physical connection to the traffic light's controller.

Axxon PSIM platform now supports integration for a wider range of hardware for access control, fire/intrusion alarm, and perimeter defense. A complete list is available here.

Axxon PSIM 4.8.3 includes Drivers Pack 3.2.12 module, with support for a wide range of IP equipment: 786 IP cameras and IP video servers. Support through ONVIF has been verified for another 165 devices. The list of integrated IP equipment continues to grow – as new versions of the Drivers Pack are released, they can be downloaded free of charge from the AxxonSoft website and installed on an existing system.

Download the Axxon PSIM 4.8.3 installer, documentation, and release notes here.