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AxxonSoft collaborates with NVIDIA, Dell, Advantech, and TD Synnex to launch pre-validated Vision AI solutions


Developed in cooperation with AxxonSoft, NVIDIA, Dell, Advantech, and TD Synnex, the new hardware and software bundles target applications that require intelligent analytics capabilities and cater to customers deploying in various vertical markets, including retail, manufacturing, airports, and campuses.

By offering pre-validated solution bundles for use cases in a variety of vertical markets, AxxonSoft and partners make it easier for system integrators to adopt and deploy AI solutions to solve complex industry challenges.

Customers are increasingly looking for AI video analytics solutions that are simple to implement, operate, and scale, with minimum maintenance required. AxxonSoft is excited about creating a joint solution together with TD SYNNEX, NVIDIA, and other partners. It enhances our value proposition for both our partners and clients and opens new market opportunities. We look forward to strengthening our collaboration and contributing to the development of the security industry.

The new Vision AI Aggregated Solutions are available in three bundles: two based on Dell Precision series platforms with NVIDIA-certified hardware at their core, and one based on Advantech MIC-733-AO with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin. The Dell bundles can accommodate from 100 up to 250 deployed cameras, while the Advantech bundle can handle up to 50 cameras.

On top of the powerful hardware, Axxon One VMS (video management system) offers a set of NVIDIA GPU-enabled AI video analytics tools for public safety, security, and business intelligence, including object detection, identification, and search. AxxonSoft is a NVIDIA Metropolis ecosystem member, and its catalog of AI analytics has been validated with NVIDIA’s experts on the Dell Precision series and Advantech MIC-733-AO platforms, making it simpler for system integrators to recommend bundle configurations based on camera workload requirements and the scale of operations.

Scalability and versatility make Axxon One VMS a powerful solution for both large and small projects. AxxonSoft offers full-cycle development of video analytics based on artificial intelligence. AxxonSoft's payment model is another unique selling proposition. Axxon One VMS is available with perpetual licenses and 24/7 technical support.

Backed by TD SYNNEX’s expert guidance and valuable end-to-end support, the Vision AI Aggregated Solutions are advantageous for both system integrators and end customers. Enterprises will benefit from their pre-validated performance, scalability, and shorter time to market. The bundles reduce the acquisition time and costs of procuring trial hardware to initiate a proof-of-concept (POC) and the amount of specialist touchpoints from various component representatives typically required to stand up a POC and throughout the entire solution lifecycle. Altogether, the bundles provide faster deployment and a more stable and predictable maintenance and scaling process.

Vision AI is already available in various configurations to support a wide range of installation sizes. Get more information on the available options.