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AxxonSoft at international exhibition Security Korea 2015


AxxonSoft took part in the Security Korea 2015 exhibition held in Seoul from May 27 to 30, 2015. This year AxxonSoft presented in tandem with its technology partner GBU DataLinks, which specializes in designing and delivering tailor-made solutions for business.

Security Korea has been a regular event for the past 15 years, and over this period the exhibition has come to be one of the most prestigious events focusing on innovative IT security solutions to be used in a variety of business areas, like medicine, manufacturing, finance, etc. This year the 15th anniversary exhibition is a big do indeed, with more than 120 world renowned companies taking part in Security Korea 2015 and some 25,000 comers visiting from 25 countries of the world.

AxxonSoft stand has traditionally been hugely popular with visitors, drawing the attention of the representatives of Korea's business entities and of the local media alike. Among the novelties on display this year were the latest version 4.0 of Axxon VMS VMS, Axxon PSIM PSIM and Auto PSIM, a softwaremodule for automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) and traffic statistic analysis.

Guests were invited to attend a presentation featuring unique technologies offered by AxxonSoft: the MomentQuest 2 forensic search tool, TimeCompressor motion events summary capability, etc.

To sum it up, the event turned out to be a definite success for AxxonSoft: the company representatives not only demonstrated the extended functionality of their software products, but also succeeded in drawing tremendous attention from the wider public to their company's advances.

"The participants in the exhibition were international companies, foreign customers and IT specialists many of whom showed immense interest in our technologies. We have, for example, received quite a few requests for more information about Auto PSIM ALPR, which became a genuine sensation at the exhibition,"

  this is how AxxonSoft Country Manager in Seoul Alex Oh sees the results of Security Korea 2015