Uno sviluppatore leader mondiale di software VMS e PSIM intelligenti

AxxonSoft is participating in Securexpo East Africa 2019


We invite you to visit our stand A4 and experience the AxxonSoft cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), intelligent video search, cloud computing, and integrated systems.

  • Behavioural Analytics, that recognizes hazardous situations by detecting specific human postures;
  • Active Shooter detection — real-time recognition of a person with a gunman’s demeanour;
  • Smoke and fire detection in open spaces and other difficult areas;
  • Tracking specific types of moving objects, e.g. humans or vehicles;
  • Retail industry solutions — Queue management, Visitor counter, Heat map, Age and gender guesstimation, and Positive/negative list check based on facial recognition;
  • Quick face and license plate search;
  • MomentQuest — fast forensic search across videos using multiple criteria;
  • And many other impressive features of the Axxon Next VMS and Intellect Enterprise!

Register now and be sure to visit our stand A4 at the Visa Oshwal Centre on September 24–26!


We are looking forward to welcoming you at Securexpo East Africa 2019!