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AxxonSoft launches version 3.6 of Axxon Next video management software

AxxonSoft launches version 3.6 of Axxon Next video management software

Version 3.6 of the innovative open-platform video management software Axxon Next is now available. Highlights in the new version include improved system performance and stability, as well as added features and enhancements to functionality and usability.

What's New in Axxon Next 3.6

The existing information display boards – the Health Board and Counter Board – have been supplemented with an Events Board. The Events Board displays a list of system events as chosen by user filter settings. When an events board is linked to a camera, operators can simply click an event on the board to view the relevant recorded footage. This allows operators to quickly jump to relevant video, making them more efficient and productive.

The new version also allows playing live audio on camera speakers. Thanks to full duplex support, operators can listen to camera audio and speak through the camera speaker at the same time. Camera speakers can be used both to notify of alarms (by playing a sound file) and to give voice notifications (by broadcasting the operator's voice in real time). The opportunities for responding to incidents and alarms with this tool are enormous.

Other changes in Axxon Next make the software more manageable and informative. Operators are now warned of interruptions in video recording: if recording of video to the archive on any storage volume is stopped due to hardware error, the user GUI displays a corresponding notification.

AxxonSoft has gone to great lengths to integrate the video analytic tools found on the cameras of leading world manufacturers, since the company believes that unlocking on-board capabilities is the largest unmet need on the security market today. To this end, Axxon Next 3.6 supports MotionMask-based detection tools found on board Panasonic cameras.

This offers a multizone motion detection, which thanks to integration with Axxon Next allows managing alarms in various detection areas without needing to decompress video. Increased efficiency means that several times less CPU power is required.

The release includes Drivers Pack 3.2.24 for support of IP devices. Detailed information about the Drivers Pack, where to find the latest set of drivers, and the list of supported hardware is available here.

For more information on the new features in Axxon Next 3.6, view Release Notes.

Download the application here. Click here for complete Axxon Next 3.6 documentation.

Axxon Next can be activated in free, commercial, or trial versions. The free version supports 1 server, 16 video channels, 1 TB of recorded video, and an unlimited number of clients.