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AxxonSoft teams up with the largest player in East Africa's security market


AxxonSoft is constantly growing and extending its network of partners. In April, the company’s East Africa branch entered into an agreement with SGA Security. SGA Security is the region's leading security operator servicing Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and the rest of the continent.

SGA and AxxonSoft EA heads are assured this partnership will break new grounds for the region’s security market.

«SGA Security is proud to be a trendsetter through technological innovations within the East African Region. Our commitment and dedication to supporting sustainable safety and security for our customers and the community will be made possible through the use of intelligent systems. Our partnership with AxxonSoft, an experienced global partner, will be able to provide our customers with cutting-edge technology for event management, traffic monitoring, store management, automate monitoring of self-service cash machines and access control that maximizes safety for any critical infrastructure»,

— Jules Delahaije, SGA CEO.

«AxxonSoft’s key goal is to stay committed to answer our clients’ needs as we continue to provide the same high quality products and services on which we have built our reputation globally. To achieve this, we are always looking at new markets and new partners to grow our business. In East Africa, we have forged a great relationship with Security Group Africa a company that brings tremendous value to our operations in the region due to its cutting edge services, products and reputation. This partnership will go a long way in advancing innovative and robust security solutions to address the many security challenges facing the East African region»,

— Joseph Muremba, AxxonSoft EA Regional Manager.