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Drivers Pack 3.2.23 Available for Download


New version 3.2.23 of the Drivers Pack module, which provides support for IP devices in AxxonSoft products, has been released. It's released separately from the base products and can be installed to Intellect 4.9.0 and Axxon VMS 3.5.1 without re-installation base software. The new version adds support for 79 new models of IP devices:

  • Acumen AiP-B34N
  • 3S Vision N4012
  • 3S Vision N5011
  • 3S Vision N5012
  • Abron ABC-i422VR
  • ACTi KCM-5511
  • Adino TC-NC6453S2-2MP
  • Arecont Vision AV2456DN-F
  • AVTech AVM504
  • Axis P1346
  • BrickCom MB-130Ap
  • BrickCom WMB-130Ap
  • BrickCom MD-130Ap
  • Canon VB-H710F
  • Canon VB-S900F
  • Dahua SDZ2020B-N
  • eVidence Apix - Box / M2 WDR
  • eVidence Apix - Dome/ E2 LED 309
  • eVidence Apix - Dome/ E2 309
  • FLIR A310PT
  • FLIR F-Series
  • Grundig Encoder GEC-D2201AR
  • Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-I(W)
  • Hikvision DS-6504HFI
  • HikVision DS-6701HFI
  • Hikvision DS-7204HV-ST
  • Honeywell H3D1F1X
  • Honeywell H4D2F1X
  • Honeywell HCD2FX
  • JVC VN-H557U
  • Legrand Series 1: IP Cameras
  • Legrand Series 2: IP Cameras
  • Legrand Series 3: IP Speed Domes
  • Legrand Series 4: IP Cameras
  • Legrand Series 5: IP Speed Domes
  • Merit Lilin LR7722EX3.6
  • Microdigital MDC-i6290VTD-10H
  • Qihan IPCamera
  • Panasonic AW-HE60SN
  • Panasonic AW-HE60SE
  • Panasonic AW-HE60HN
  • Panasonic AW-HE60HE
  • Panasonic WV-SC588
  • RIVA RC3502HD-5311
  • RIVA RC3502HD-5311IR
  • RIVA RC6802HD-6211
  • Samsung SNB-5004
  • Samsung SNB-5003
  • Samsung SNV-5084
  • Samsung SND-5084
  • Samsung SND-5083
  • Samsung SND-6084
  • Samsung SND-6084R
  • Samsung SNV-6084R
  • Samsung SNO-6084R
  • Samsung SNO-6011R
  • Samsung SND-6011R
  • Samsung SNV-6084
  • Sentry360 IS-IP14K-DN
  • SimpleIP SPCHD-241VDS
  • SimpleIP SPCHD-260VO.IRS
  • SimpleIP SPCHD-231VBIRS
  • SimpleIP SPCHD-221VDIRS
  • Sony SNC-CX600W
  • Sony SNC-EB600
  • Sony SNC-EM600
  • Sony SNC-EM601
  • Sunell SN-IPV54/14UDR
  • Tiandy TC-NC9100S3-2MP-E-IR30
  • Tiandy TC-NC9200S3-2MP-E-IR30
  • Tiandy TC-NC9500S3E-MP-IR30
  • TVT TD2304SS-B
  • Vivotek FD8133(V)
  • Vivotek FD8134(V)
  • Vivotek FD8137H
  • Vivotek FD8137HV
  • Vivotek IP8172(P)
  • Vivotek IP8371E

For the first time, Drivers Pack 3.2.23 incorporates support for devices from Abron, Adino, AVTech, Legrand, SNR and TVT.


To install Drivers Pack, close your VMS or PSIM application, run the installation file IPDriverPack.msi, complete the installation and start your application again.
Please note that, if you have Drivers Pack 3.2.0 or an earlier version installed in your system, you should first go to Windows Control Panel –> Add/Remove Programs and uninstall it. Please note that there are some details as to interaction between Drivers Packs and specific AxxonSoft products.

Drivers Pack is a module with a separate installer which provides support for various IP equipment in AxxonSoft products. The module gives you the option of incorporating new integrated IP devices into a system powered by AxxonSoft software without waiting for the next release of the base product or reinstalling the entire system. To ensure correct operation of devices in accordance with the declared parameters, Drivers Pack should be installed on the latest release version of the software.