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Intellect 4.10.4 is out

Intellect 4.10.4 is out

AxxonSoft has released version 4.10.4 of the Intellect PSIM. Most of the new features have been introduced to improve user experience.

VMDA Object Tracking

Situational video detection tools (motion within an area, tripwire crossing, etc.) now include filtering by color. Now objects can be filtered by their color range both in recorded footage and real time video analysis.

VMDA Object Tracking - motion within an area, tripwire crossing, etc

Support for standards

Added support for MP2L2 audio codec. The RTSP server is now capable of H.265 video streaming.

Failover Service

Commands have been added for transferring the configuration from a monitored server to the Failover server and back. These commands are usable in situations where an operating server needs to be shut down manually for maintenance.


The About window now offers information about installed software and hardware and a list of objects available in the system. A clear presentation of data makes administering the system more convenient.

Working with recorded video

Password protection added for exported .exe archives.

When exporting the footage, system events are generated containing information about:

  • monitoring operator
  • source camera
  • time interval of the exported record
  • time of completion of the footage export

These data are useful for supervising the system operation and operators' actions.

Color-selectable bookmarks can be used to display operator's comments on the recorded footage timeline. With this option, no additional dialog boxes are needed for navigating through the bookmarks.

Working with recorded video

Interactive Map

The usability of the Interactive Map module is significantly improved:

  • in Map Editor, you can now search for objects
  • in the object list, you can now use dynamic filtering

You can now set and change:

  • background color for the map
  • color and size of the font
  • background colors for object names on the map
  • angle, size and coordinates for multiple objects simultaneously
  • settings for multiple polygons simultaneously

Map layers now can be grouped into folders. You can now add a button to get back to the previously selected layer — the one from which the current one was called. User access rights can now be restricted by map layer.

Video Surveillance Monitor

You can now adjust the background color of the monitor. You can now customize the still image shown when the connection to camera is lost.

For more information on the new features in Intellect 4.10.4, see the release notes. To download installers, view documentation and release notes for different versions of the Intellect PSIM, click here.