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New Intellect features at the Sofia Security Expo


The 21st Security Expo was held in Sofia, Bulgaria from 19 to 22 March 2014, marking a major event for the Bulgarian security industry and one of the highlights on the Balkan market. AxxonSoft worked together at Security Expo 2014 with its longtime Bulgarian partner, Andy, a major distributor in the country.

AxxonSoft was allocated an entire sector of the Andy stand, where representatives of the company's Eastern European office showed off version 4.9 of the Axxon PSIM software platform.

The new version has a number of new functions and tools, including: 64-bit Video and Intellect Search modules, multistreaming of video from IP cameras, GreenStream for dynamic selection of lowest-bandwidth video streams with sufficient resolution for client viewing tiles to reduce network congestion, a mobile client for remote monitoring of sites, and much more.

Intellect's flexibility received pride of place in the AxxonSoft presentation: Intellect has proven itself in complicated, out-of-the-ordinary security projects.

Guests and participants saw a number of Intellect-based solutions, such as:

  • System Health Monitoring, a special module for receiving and processing alarms from geographically dispersed sites, as well as monitoring hardware technical status
  • Access control integrated into Intellect

Just for the expo, a touchscreen laptop was complemented with a specially made interactive remote for controlling the video wall. The video wall was a large monitor connected to a separate server running Intellect, on which the processes occurring in the security system were displayed as interfaces. In addition, the following objects were displayed on the touchscreen remote control:

  • Interactive site map
  • System Health Monitoring interface
  • Screen showing footage from camera closest to an alarm event
  • PTZ control panel
  • Script and macro launch buttons

This remote not only allowed viewing events and changes in object status, but managing hardware and the interface objects on the video wall including changing camera layouts.

As a result, the operator had a full view of everything happening at the site, with the ability to monitor the health of all system components and quickly react to alarms.

This nifty setup convinced the audience that Intellect allows for convenient, efficient "single-seat" management of a geographically dispersed security system capable of hosting an unlimited number of diverse subsystems. Although the setup was created exclusively for the Sofia event, security professionals already know that this approach can be used in real projects and is absolutely critical for monitoring of large, complicated and geographically dispersed sites, whether for industry, transport, infrastructure, or other sectors.

The use of an interactive control panel for presenting AxxonSoft technologies was novel and exciting for the audience. Another important aspect of the event was the opportunity for AxxonSoft specialists to meet with potential partners for discussion of interesting and promising projects. Negotiations were held with several security hardware and surveillance vendors, concerning joint promotions to continue driving sales on the Eastern European market.

Andy gave its seal of approval to the new features in version 4.9 of the Axxon PSIM and looks forward to incorporating Intellect 4.9 in future projects.

In turn, AxxonSoft specialists expressed their high regard for Andy and the latter company's willingness to fortify an already strong partnership.

"Security Expo 2014 in Sofia was an important event for ANDY. It provided a venue for getting to know new customers and distributors in person, as well as showcasing our new products. The event gave a great opportunity for visitors to see the high quality of everything ANDY sells. The Security Expo was at the same time as Bulgaria Construction Week, so we connected with a lot of managers in the construction business, as well as architects and interior designers, during this time. Overall, the event was very successful and we are glad to have met so many new partners and clients,"

- said Angel Angelov, ANDY Commercial Director.

"Andy is one of the largest Bulgarian distributors, with excellent knowledge of our products, features, and potential. This is why we are so glad to be their partner, moving towards joint success on the basis of mutual respect and common interests,"

- praised Fedor Mendelev, sales manager at AxxonSoft Eastern Europe.