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Paxton access control integrated into Axxon PSIM platform


AxxonSoft, developer of the Axxon PSIM physical security management platform (PSIM), has completed work with Paxton Access Ltd. to integrate support for the Paxton Net2 access control system into the award-winning Intellect platform.

Integration paves the way for configuring and monitoring Paxton Net2 systems, as well as processing information from readers, electromechanical locks, and other Paxton access control devices – all from within the Intellect interface. Physical barriers such as turnstiles, door locks, and gates can be controlled as well. Flexible, comprehensive support allows for managing multi-role user access, schedules, map visualizations, and event logs directly from Intellect. All features of the open Intellect platform remain fully available for implementing robust security and video surveillance systems.

Paxton produces a number of devices of its own design: readers, access control terminals, locks of all kinds, and other essential components for effective access control systems. The unsurpassed reliability and diverse assortment of its state-of-the-art offerings allow satisfying the requirements of the most security-conscious clients. All of Paxton's devices can be added to Intellect-based security systems, both to existing systems and to those in the design stage.

Axxon PSIM

Axxon PSIM is an open, multi-functional software platform for creating infinitely scalable security systems. Axxon PSIM integrates diverse systems – fire and security alarms, access control systems, video surveillance, and much more – into a cohesive, centrally managed security infrastructure.

Paxton Net2 access control system

Paxton Net2 is a PC-based access control solution for complete management of building visits and visitors. Net2 allows controlling hundreds of doors and creating up to 10,000 system users. Easy configuration and an intuitive interface combine with multi-layer personnel management to make a truly effective solution for security users. Administrators are always in the know thanks to automatic SMS or email alerts about intrusions; they can even control multi-building installations from anywhere, using existing TCP/IP networks. Net2 is one of the most affordable access control systems available today: there are no additional fees, no additional license payments, and no installation restrictions.

About Paxton Access Ltd.

Paxton is a Brighton, U.K.-based designer and manufacturer of market-leading electronic access control products.

Established in 1985, Paxton manufactures all products locally, in England. Committed to engineering excellence, Paxton creates intelligent and innovative products that fit the challenges and trends of the access control industry. Paxton pays exceptional attention to quality, consistently bringing advanced solutions to market. The company's vast product range includes networked access control systems, door entry devices, IP-based door controllers, wireless door handle solutions, and web-based remote system management (with iPhone support).

As a market leader, Paxton continues its tradition of exceeding customer expectations and providing outstanding customer care, which has contributed to the company's ongoing growth worldwide.

About AxxonSoft

Formed in 2003, AxxonSoft is one of the largest global software developers in the security and video surveillance sector today. The company's 250 employees, 30 offices around the world, and 2,500 partner companies (security/video system installers and integrators) provide a seamless infrastructure for end clients. AxxonSoft collaborates with industry-leading hardware manufacturers to continually broaden the capabilities of its products.

AxxonSoft software forms the core of security systems for road traffic, railways, retail loss reduction, ATMs, gas stations, and many more areas of industry and government. Intellect, the flagship of AxxonSoft's product line, is a powerful software platform used in a number of areas: among these are Safe City projects, for which Intellect is currently installed or under deployment in over 80 cities worldwide.