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The new Intellect version 4.7.6 released by AxxonSoft

The new Intellect version 4.7.6 released by AxxonSoft

AxxonSoft has just released its new Intellect Enterprise software platform – version 4.7.6.The new version integrates some additional hardware and includes a range of new functions.

New functionality

The support of efficient H.264 compression format which is used in many advanced IP-cameras, is one of the most important innovations. Moreover, Intellect decodes video in this format using the resources of the graphic processing units (GPUs) of the NVIDIA video card, based on the CUDA parallel computation architecture. This multiplied the video system performance several times while freeing-up the CPU. The currently used GPUs even in medium-priced NVIDIA GeForce video cards can decompress up to 4 Full HD video streams of up to 30 fps frame rate in H.264 format.

To speed up the deployment of video surveillance system and promptly connect new hardware, a newly added IPWizard function automatically detects connected IP-devices using multi-cast requests. The Hot Swap function for hot disk replacement on the server is another novelty for user convenience. Intellect tracks the status of the hard disks, and if the disk currently used for recording is disconnected, the system switches to another disk, if available. If no more disks are connected, Intellect displays a warning on the screen and stops recording. After a new disk is connected, the recording is resumed automatically. Another new function – saving video archives to USB-storage – operates in a similar way.

Intellect can now work under the Windows Server 2008 (SP2) operating system.

New integration modules and updates

New POS software and hardware were integrated into POS-Intellect. Intellect 4.7.6 includes updated integration modules for access control systems: Gate, АВС, Perco, Nothern Computers, Apollo, NAC-51, TSS-2000 Seven seals; and security and fire alarm systems: Strelets, Central Satel CA-64/Integra, Bolid, Rubezh-08. New integration modules for the Orion integrated security system from Bolid and the Sorhea infrared perimeter security system were added.

The new release includes the integration modules for IP-devices from new technological partners of AxxonSoft – Basler, EverFocus, Ganz, Infinity, IQeye, MicroDigital (MDi), Samsung Electronics, V1netIP, VisioWave. The latest models from long-standing partners of AxxonSoft were also integrated.