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AxxonSoft PSIM makes Turin a safer city

The second stage of the implementation of the Safe City Turin project has been completed in Italy. An integrated security system now helps the municipal police deter drug crime and provide timely response on all sorts of incidents.


Turin is an important business and cultural center in northern Italy, with a population of around 880,000.

Like most Italian cities popular among tourists, Turin is quite safe. However, on its over 130 square kilometers territory, there are areas of higher risk where illegal drug trade and criminal conflicts occur. According to LAB24's annual criminal index report on Italian provinces, Turin occupies 5th place from the top, with 5,600 registered crimes per 100,000 residents annually.


Aside from fighting crime and the drug business, the municipal police had to improve the safety of city infrastructure. To increase safety and eradicate vandalism, it was decided to implement a video surveillance system that should cover all high-risk areas for real-time offences and crime detection.

Proposed solution

The Safe City project is being commissioned by the municipality of Turin to create a system of remote centralized monitoring of the situation on the streets of the city and prompt response to undesirable events. To meet the customer needs, system integrator Techno Center SpA proposed a project based on AxxonSoft PSIM, an ultimately flexible software platform that may be configured to include only the necessary functionalities.


The project was divided into two stages. The first stage included implementing video surveillance in critical areas, as specified by the customer.

The second stage involved a business and government partnership where private surveillance systems (of retail outlets, production facilities, various institutions, and private persons) could be connected to a publicly owned video surveillance network.

How the system operates

The AxxonSoft PSIM provides for the following functions:

  • video surveillance with visible light and thermal cameras;
  • video analytics (object tracking, motion heat mapping);
  • FacePSIM for facial recognition;
  • Auto PSIM for traffic safety.

Servers and storage are located in Milan on a server farm of a telecom services provider. 1,000 cameras and 50 remote workstations are deployed across Turin, with a command center set up at city police headquarters.

To facilitate night-time monitoring, an automatic alarm notification system was introduced including thermal imaging cameras, lighting fixtures and loudspeakers. The system response was configured as follows: if people in the scene are detected by at least two cameras, lights go on, and a voice message is sent out through loudspeakers. Police officers receive a notification via email and in a dedicated mobile app.

Thermal imagers as well help detect areas where potential perpetrators may gather at night. To do this, a motion heat mapping tool is used. Popular in retail analytics, it is usually employed to render a heat map of visitors' activity across the salesroom. Most locations where this type of detection is used are public parks popular among drug dealers.

The integrated security solution also includes a facial recognition system with a 1,000 wanted persons database, as well as automatic number plate recognition and automated traffic enforcement systems. ANPR is performed on servers and locally on cameras having such a function.


The AxxonSoft PSIM–powered solution fulfills all of the customer's requirements and goes beyond just efficient video surveillance. A timely and targeted response mechanism has been put in place to automatically inform the police of any undesirable activity in the area.

Our partner

Techno Center SpА was founded in 2007 by a group of industry experts with many years of extensive experience in telecommunications. Now the company is an established leader of the Italian information and communications systems market. The company sells custom IT solutions, offering innovative technology to match a customer's needs, consulting and supporting each customer on every stage of a project, from feasibility study to implementation and maintenance.

Altre Informazioni Importanti

"AxxonSoft è una soluzione globale per tutte le esigenze di sicurezza che abbiamo oggi. Come integratore di sicurezza / IT, apprezziamo il modo in cui AxxonSoft ci fornisce una soluzione eccezionale e un supporto end-to-end per i partner, in modo che possiamo concentrarci sul riempimento delle esigenze dei nostri clienti e sulla costruzione dei nostri flussi di entrate."

Juan Carlos Müller, Presidente di Creative House (Partner Axxon - Argentina)

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