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INFAIMON is exclusively dedicated to machine vision and image analysis for more than 20 years. Since its inception, it has been characterized by giving advisory services in machine vision applications, both industrial and scientific, high performance security and even in any other field where capturing, processing and image analysis are required.

The use of machine vision is growing in the security sector as an essential technology to obtain maximum information. Currently its application is being held at:

  • Traffic and Transportation Inspection Systems: for number plate and container code reading, pattern recognition and auto traffic volume management, people tracking and object recognition in public areas to prevent possible attacks or assaults.
  • People recognition systems for identification of individuals based on their biometrics: facial, fingerprint or iris prints.
  • Baggage inspection and transportation systems with X-ray technology in conveyor belts in airports.
  • Systems for national security and military environments: infrared cameras which can detect the presence of people even in complete darkness and through smoke or fog.
  • Equipment and components designed to be used in vehicles and police and military facilities.
  • Advanced video surveillance systems with an unlimited number of cameras for vertical solutions.